Data Rights

Small update to add nonce to data collection notice. This is so users can be forced to view it upon changes to how we collect and use data. When a new nonce is set, any old local storage item storing the “seen” state of the notice is immediately ignored, thus forcing you to view it again.

  • Added Yipnyap ID Data Collection Notice
  • Added hidden emote easter eggs
  • Added new colour scheme to Frontend UI
  • Added backdrop blurring to Frontend UI Header
  • Posts are now joined together, with the comments section now also being apart of the “post footer”
  • Added new primary font “Nunito”
  • Added new Landing page !
  • Moved app to !
  • Added Yipnyap Cosmos, the new backend and federation handler
  • Added moderation bar for moderators
  • Added the ability to update your Display Name in Account Info
  • Added the new SSO Provider instead of relying on PHP-based user/password auth
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with photos being massively compressed
  • Fixed social icons not updating (you must now provide the whole URL)
  • Fixed group names and user names being too long
  • Fixed emails not sending
  • Fixed emails sometimes being sent by an admin URL (<old> -> [email protected])
  • Fixed slow page loads caused by get_new_token($refresh)
  • Fixed an issue where php errors would be dumped in page body
  • Fixed an exploit in Messages where a user could crash Yipnyap
  • Fixed an exploit in Posts where a user could introduce HTML tags
  • Fixed an exploit in RPC API allowing brute force attacks
git data for this version number is unavailable

Make sure you typed the version number correctly. More detail is available in Yipnyap EX’ root directory as ‘cl_site1_debug.log’.

How can I browse older versions (before EX)?
You may view the version archive either in the Discord Server, or later on when the git repository becomes available.

For reference, last available Waverley versions are:
– For package, ‘9.1.0’
– For UI, ‘20210316.1’