We're about to use some data ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

We don't take analytical data, however error reports are sent automatically

Analytics are never taken. However, unidentifiable error reports are sent to us automatically as they happen, only if they happen before the page is sent to you (on the server).

ID Cookies are about to be placed

These are only used to keep you logged in. Local Storage is used to help us quickly get your cached user data, and save UI states. (more below)

We use Cloudflare to help secure us and your connection

Your data will be going through their edge servers first, before entering ours. They process logs of your visit. (more below)

You will only see this once. Scroll for more.

Yipnyap ID Data

This is all possible data that we collect that’s linked to you when you sign up, log in, or provide Yipnyap at any time at your own discretion, and requested by you and others on each page load that requires it.

¹ This is optional data, manually provided by you,  and is viewable by anyone.

² This is optional data, manually provided by you, viewable by anyone, and is flexible (it’s data can be off-topic).

³ This is data that may be sent by you and/or other active users, and may be received without your consent at any time.

  • IP Address
  • User Agent
  • Username¹
  • Email Address
  • Display Name¹
  • Location²
  • Publicly Visible Email Address¹
  • Birthday¹
  • Occupation²
  • Website URL²
  • Social Network URLs¹
  • Profile Picture¹
  • Profile Banner¹
  • Received Friend Requests³
  • Accepted Friend Requests¹
  • Posts¹
  • Replies¹
  • Reactions¹
  • Direct Messages³
  • Account Notifications
  • User Interaction Notifications³
  • Groups¹
  • Sent Group Invitations³
  • Received Group Invitations³

Cloudflare Data

Cloudflare processes logs of your interactions with Yipnyap’s Internet Properties and the Cloudflare’s Services. You can view Cloudflare’s Privacy Policy for End Users (you).

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