Yipnyap is posts.

It's your place to post your stuff and talk. We don't want your data or money, we're not a company, it's just a furry centric site without the $#!*.

Okay, so it's a little more...

Create a group about anything, or be a narcissist and create one about you. We won't judge.

Community-requested features, every month

Yeah, really. Well, I try anyway, I have too much free time. Here are the highlights!

  • Public, invite-only, and NSFW* Groups
  • Split your friends and followers
  • See everything, or just your friends, your following, or see only media.
  • Like it, or react and love it, laugh it, dislike it. Like facebook, without the datamining.
  • Share to your friends and followers, or crosspost to a group.
  • Save a post by adding it to your Favourites (careful now, these are public 😉)
  • Advertise your social profiles, from your social profile. Meta.
  • Create your own profile page, tumblr style.**
* Feature is disabled while a quirk is hammered out.

** Extremely experimental. You need to request access via Discord.

It's a place for everyone

Everyone deserves a safe place to socialise. One of our priorities is to make a place where everyone can get along, that means we have some rules everyone has to follow! You can view our guidelines over here.

Customer profile user interface

Embracing different worlds

Some don't want to see NSFW content, so that's why we have a dedicated section on Yipnyap for that! Create private NSFW groups, and post what you want within our Guidelines. These groups are always monitored by Yipnyap Staff.

NSFW Groups are an experiment.

Inbox user interface

Fandom content, without the hoo-ha.

Yipnyap has no ads, and it's all free, forever.

Unlimited Posts, Friends, Memes, Fur

Well, okay, everything but posts. It's not like you're gonna make 50GB worth of posts (excl. Images) though... right?

Finally, a group for xyz

Create groups for whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want, and however much you want!

99% Accurate Automod

Kukiko is a neural network bot in training since 2017, made by Rek. It started as a Discord Bot, and now moving onto Yipnyap! It's extremely accurate with reports, and no, it won't flag you for random nonsense. Looking at you, [mobile-only 4 lettered app name here]

Compose in Limit.HTML*

Limit.HTML is something built only for Yipnyap. It's HTML, cut down, but with a few extra tricks and quality-of-life changes to help people who don't know anything about web development to jump right in.

Often Activity Reports

Numbers are interesting, right? We post stats about the community often to give everyone an insight on how the community is doing!

Saved Posts & Replies

Favourite this and that, and have it quickly accessible right from your Activity Stream. Favourites are public by design, and act like a "silent repost".

Forums? Forums.

Forums are an excellent way to socialise with a large group. You can set everyone's permissions in Forums and Groups. You can make some stranger a moderator if you want.

❤️ by Rek.

Made by me, and moderated by a group of friends! Proudly made in Melbourne, Victoria AU 🇦🇺