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Hello, every furry scalie hyena sergal cryptid sabertooth ever

Create groups, share your stuff, and make some really weird friends.

It's like, ~weird~ weird.

🤖 AI that excludes no one
🤖 AI that excludes no one
No matter who you are, even if you’re the richest person alive, everyone on the Activity Feed is treated equally.
📖 Guidelines curated by everyone
📖 Guidelines curated by everyone
Our guidelines, and some decisions on suspensions, are set via Community Polls.
🐺 Oh yeah, about a crap ton more
🐺 Oh yeah, about a crap ton more
Entirely furry owned, your own ‘’ page, no ads, and no bulls#*! (。_。)

For real though, heya! This is Yipnyap

We're still developing Yipnyap
Feel free to join us and provide and feedback you’d like! Every suggestion, big or small, helps.
Unlimited Groups
Fursuits, music, art, you name it. Create as much as you want 🙂
Unlimited Posts
Post anything (within rules 👀), and upload media up to 15MB.
1 Custom Subdomain
Get verified, and create your own subdomain page dedicated to anything you’d like!
Unlimited basically everything else
Yipnyap is your platform! Go crazy with it, as long as it’s within our Guidelines! 😀